Kate Spade Smart Watch Review

I’m reviewing the new Kate Spade Smart Watch: The Scallop! This is my first video, so bear with me. I usually record podcasts so this is a little bit out of my comfort zone, but Youtube is where I go for tech device reviews… So I figured this would help the most amount of people with making this purchase decision! 

I wanted to film a Kate Spade smart watch review because the only reviews that I could find were from a tech perspective rather than a every-day functional perspective. Also, a lot of the reviews were written by men rather than Kate Spade’s target audience: women. 

I’m glad to know that it holds up to other watches from a tech perspective… but lets be honest. If I want a watch strictly from a tech perspective, then I’d probably buy an Apple Watch or a Fitbit. But I bought the Kate Spade Scallop because I value both tech & style.  Kate Spade has always been on the forefront of style within the tech world… think about all the phone cases & tech accessories over the years. The scallop runs on Google Wear OS, so I was confident that it would be both functional & fashionable. 

Top Questions from people about the watch. 

How does it compare to the Apple Watch?

  • Kate Spade Watch is much more aesthetically pleasing
  • I think the Apple Watch looks like a calculator watch. Remember those? Ha! 
  • People don’t even know it’s a smart watch until they see me use the touch screen. 
  • It sits low profile… fits under my sleeve easily! 

Pairing with iPhone: I was glad that its on the Google OS because I use Gmail for my business email. So I already have a g-calendar with all my events. I haven’t connected my texting to it because my iMessage is messed up, but I read that you can only read iMessages but not respond to them. I’m not entirely sure about that- so I’d suggest that you do your own research. 

Things I love about the watch:

  • Core digital face
    • I love that I can set 4 different sections on the main screen to information that I need readily available: Here is how I have mine set up:
      • Date & Day of the Week (If I tap the date, then I can see all my events for today! I love that! )
      • Step Counter (main reason why I bought the watch was to be a fancy Fitbit). 
      • Count down to my birthday!
      • Weather with degrees & forecast (if you tap this, then you can see a more detailed report & a 4 day forecast)
    • Ok Google Assistant
      • It’s basically like having Siri or Alexa on my wrist. 
      • I love that I can set timers, alarms, stop watches by just speaking into the mic. It doesn’t have speakers but you can control music on other devices with it. 

Things I think need improving:

  • Online I read that it “tracks” calories…. which I took to mean that it logs them. It doesn’t. It just “tracks” calories that you burn based on fitness… which I think is kinda bologna… but whatever- I’ll just use My Fitness Pal.
  • More bands to attach to the face. Its easy to take the band off, so I’m sure thats coming soon. I chose the metal band because I tend to be dressier & figured I could always buy more casual bands. Lack of options seems like a major oversight…My theory is that they may be in a contract with Apple & can’t make any other smart watch bands while they have the Apple Watch band contract. Purely speculating here. 
  • No speakers
  • Battery life only lasts a day. Not that big of a deal. I tried to make it last 2 days but it died the second day around 4 pm. 
  • Not really “wireless charging”… The charger still has to plug into the wall while charging. 
  • Not waterproof. Take it off when you do dishes or do a deep hand wash.

Overall, I LOVE my watch. I didn’t have super high expectations for it, to be honest… I really just wanted something that was a fancy Fitbit & had stuff like the weather & my calendar on it. 


An interesting question, that I saw someone ask on Instagram the other day, was “Is a smart watch as addicting as an iPhone? Is it just another device that contributes to excess screen time?” I would say 100% no! If anything, I look at my Phone less now because information like time, weather, calendar, emails, are right at my finger tips! Which means way less urge to open Instagram after checking whatever app I originally got on my phone to look at. 


Hope you enjoyed this post & video! Feel free to leave me a comment with any questions about the Scallop watch! I want to start making more review & haul videos, so I’d appreciate if you’d “like” & “subscribe” to my Youtube Channel! Please let me know if you like these kinds of posts & would like to see more of them! Thanks for reading/ watching & as always, you can follow me on Instagram @jaclynhumble! 

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