DIY Stadium Approved Bags

In the South, college football is a religion. Whether you’re tailgating at the Grove or in a Cockaboose, we wear our Sunday best on Saturdays & attend tailgates with more dishes than a church pot-luck. 

Game day fashion has become a bit complicated in recent years because of new regulations around purses & bags. You can find a list of rules, here. (And if you need Game Day jewelry, shop my designs here).

Don’t have a purse that complies? No worries. I have a solution that won’t break the bank or sacrifice style!

All the products that I used in my craft were bought with Amazon Prime, so you can complete this project in time for your next home game! 

Disclaimer: I use some affiliate links below so if you click a link, then I may profit from the click or receive a small percentage of the sale.Thank you for supporting companies who support this blog. 

Step #1:

Gather Supplies! 

I decided to make multiple bags in order to show a variety of styles & team spirit! I ordered the stadium approved  bags on Amazon. Each bag was under $15 & some under $10 (be sure to read the fine print because some of the styles come in two-packs).

Click here to shop bags! 

I raided my craft closet & gathered some pom-poms & embroidery floss for embellishments.

Step #2:

Decide your designs! 

You don’t need a fancy machine to do this craft! You can paint your design by using a homemade stencil or by simply free-handing it. I used a Sillohuette Cameo to cut out my designs. The script font that I used is called “Rose Colored” & can be fount on

Don’t have a vinyl cutting machine? No problem! Just print out your designs on thick paper (like cardstock) & use a x-acto knife to cut out letters to create a stencil.

Have good handwriting? Then freehand it!

There really is no “wrong” way to decorate a bag. I used acrylic paint & a small paint brush. I really wanted an excuse to use my Cameo, so that’s why I used a vinyl stencil instead of cardstock or free-hand,

 The process doesn’t take long & can be completed in about an hour, which is probably the same amount of time as your favorite TV show. This would be a great craft to do for a girl’s night! 

Ideas for designs: 

“Go -insert team mascot-!”

Your Initials

Lyrics from your team’s fight song

Team Logo or Pattern 

(*pattern like Tennessee’s checkerboard or Alabama’s houndstooth)

Note: these ideas are for PERSONAL USE only. Do not use any copyrighted symbols or phrases if you are making these bags for a profit. I made these for fun for myself & friends. 

Lay the stencils on the bag to determine placement. 

I used two stencils for the UGA clutch above: a paw print & the slogan “Sic ’em!” 

Step #3:

Tape down stencils! 

Since I used sticky vinyl for my stencils, they laid on the fabric pretty easily.

Step #4:


On the clear bags with pockets, the vinyl didn’t stick well to the fabric. First, I painted a very THIN coat of paint with the stencil. You need to use a small brush to apply the THIN layer so that it outlines the general shape of the design. Excess paint during this step can easily get under the stencil & smudge the paint. The thin layer will provide a guideline for you to go back with a brush & fill in a thicker layer after you remove the stencil. You will want to use this approach if you are using a paper stencil or if your stencil will not stick. 

Tip: I folded a paper towel & put it under the pocket flap to create a flatter surface for my stencil.

Example of thin coat of paint above.^

 I went back & touched up the letters after the first coat dried, as seen here. My friend Leah has 4 initials so thats why there are 4 letters.

If you are using a vinyl stencil that sticks to the fabric, then you can do several layers of paint on top of the stencil, as seen above. Be sure that the paint is completely dry before carefully removing the stencil. This technique worked well with this style of bag. 

Another option is to not use paint at all, but to use a vinyl sticker directly on the clear plastic of the bag to create the design. I used this technique for the bag that I made for my sister for Georgia Tech (seen below). 

Note: You can paint on both the fabric part & the clear part of these bags, but I would suggest only using vinyl stickers on the clear part because vinyl will not wear well on fabric long-term.

Step #5:

Add Embellishments! 

I added a little pizazz to my sister’s bag by adding a broach from Amazon of Yellow Jackets for her school: Georgia Tech!

Hemingway, our cat, LOVED the gold chain. 

I made quick tassels out of embroidery floss & attached them to the bags as decoration. You can even attach the tassels to the zippers to act as a zipper pull. 

Here are the final products:

 I love the way they turned out!

I had a lot of fun making these easy stadium approved bags! If you make this craft at home, then please  tag me on instagram @jaclynhumble- I’d love to see what you make! 

You can shop the bags that I used for this craft here on Amazon Prime

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